About Me

About Me

Our eyes met.

Through the heat haze shimmering in the space between us, above the train tracks separating our platforms, we connected. I gazed into his enigmatic caramel brown eyes, unable to break free from the spell. He was so handsome; I had to grab a quick shot.

I lowered my hand to my camera and at that instant all hell broke loose.

The rhesus macaque monkey I’d been intent on photographing thundered across the track toward me. He had murder in his eyes. It was at that precise moment I decided if I made it out of that predicament alive, I’d write a novel based on my experiences in India.

How did I come to be ogling a monkey on a train station platform at Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand?

Well, two weeks before the monkey incident I’d received a bombshell diagnosis of kidney cancer. There was only one thing for it. Just days later I embarked on an incredible, mind-blowing adventure of a lifetime to India armed with pickpocket-proof knickers and a shewee.

I survived cancer, the marauding macaque and India with a new outlook on life, and a burning desire to write.

Under the name of Nell Cook, I write stories about people like you and me and the extraordinary situations in which we may find ourselves. In my novels I celebrate the love, strength, humour and sheer determination to beat the odds we each have within us.

I was born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne and now live in Blackpool. When I’m not crunching numbers in management accounts I spend my spare time writing and trying to make that “unforgettable image” with my camera.

My family and friends are my life and, apart from writing and photography, I also get a buzz from travelling, drinking coffee and watching the rising of the sun.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Elaine Cook